Maccabim has been tracking down through OS-INT/CYBER-INT, the specific people on the ground that are responsible for operating the largest criminal network damaging  branded medicines and devices through the Internet. 

Without getting into the specifics  of our ongoing operation, we believe it is important to share developments in this area.

Maccabim recently supported F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG (Roche) in gathering the evidence used to demonstrate in a WIPO UDRP that 153 rogue online pharmacy sites exploiting Roche’s proprietary brands —all registered in the name of at least 90 nominally distinct different identities, including proxy and privacy services–are under common control or ownership. This allowed the domains to be consolidated into a single proceeding. To protect victims whose identities were stolen for trafficking in hazardous revenue domains, the Panel agreed to take the extraordinary step of redacting certain names from the published decision to protect innocent persons, notwithstanding that the domains were all ordered to be transferred.

Disclaimer: The opinions and characterization of the Roche decision represents solely the views of Ltd., and should not be construed to reflect the views or opinions of Roche in any way.